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Too Much Luongo

It's a shame that these two teams are first round opponents, because (while clearly biased) I think these have been some of the most contentious games of the playoffs. Tonight was no different as the teams banged the living hell out of each other up and down the ice.

In the end, as we all know, one really terrible poke-in goal, one Mattias Ohlind shot that just beat the pads of Chris Mason and one well-played bank shot put the Canucks too far ahead of the Blues.

Some random thoughts from the game:

  • Just me, or did Andy McDonald look pretty relieved to finally avoid hitting a post when he scored?
  • Someone asked me why TJ Oshie has been quiet this series. My theory: Oshie plays every game up-tempo and every shift hell-bent for election. In the playoffs, everyone plays that way, making him look like everyone else. The big question: does he have another gear he can go to? If not, this playoff experience will be invaluable to teaching him how he has to change his game come April.
  • Another random comment from a sectionmate tonight: Do you think the Canucks are just a better team? Personally, I think the teams are pretty evenly matched. I predicted the games (minus empty-netters) would be one-goal games in almost every match. Two out of three so far.
  • Related to that question, I think the difference in the series so far is Luongo, no question. The Canucks are gettinmg gritty playoff hockey out of every man, to be sure, but Luongo has made a handful of saves that virtually no other goalie makes in the same position.
  • Game four is Tuesday. Say what you will, but I'll be there and I plan on having a great time with my rink family, no matter the outcome of the game.

Let's go Blues.