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Thursday Links

Last night was not pretty. Sure, the Blues can't win them all, but at they shouldn't look like the 2008 version of the team. Brutal game and it won't get any easier today. Ugh. Let's link it up.

Blues news

  • After scoring five in Columbus, the Blues were basically shutout against the Blackhawks. Here's the Chicago Triune writeup and the Associtated Press article.
  • Second City Hockey doesn't even give the Blues credit for a full goal last night.
  • Time to get back on the horse. Blues vs. Wings tonight. Here are some previews.
  • The Wings still don't have their playoff goalie settled. 
  • Also from the Wings ... the lamest playoff slogan ever (Thanks, DanGNR).
  • Lars Eller is having shoulder surgery and Andy Murray praises Cam Janssen and Tyson Strachan, but still won't play either of them.  
  • Bernie says hockey is back ... I think it's close.
  • Chris Mason is going to have play well tonight. 
  • The young guys are getting a ton of praise ... but if they have another stinker like last night, its undeserved. 
  • Andy Murray is hoping to have the last laugh. I wonder if it will sound like the Green Goblin cackle.
  • T.J. Oshie may NOT be god?

Hockey news

  • Standings. The Blues are, once again, on the outside looking in. 
  • Don't look at last night's games. Here's tonight's action. Games we want: Blues over Detroit, Vancouver over the Ducks, San Jose over Edmonton and Calgary over Dallas.
  • Cuban-American Al Montoya won his NHL debut last night. 
  • James van Riemsdyk was signed by the Flyer Broad Steet Hockey seems happy. 
  • Only the Milhouse one doesn't suck
  • Mario or Wayne ... who ya got?


DanGNR brings the good today.

  • Ladies ... you know you want a loin cloth.
  • A diver shoots himself in the head with his harpoon. . Ouch.  
  • Lazy protesters and recreational protesters

Thank you good sir. You are a gift to the links.


This video shows one of the many reason I hate the Red Wings. Geez they are little bitches.

Bonus video

The Blues need a boost. They need Cam.


LET'S GO BLUES! Come back for more goodness.