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Blues Playoff Chart For Apr. 2

You know it's a crazy race when your ninth-place team will play one game and at the end of the night will be either the seventh-place team, the tenth place team or soemwhere betwixt the two.

We've gotten excited before Red Wings games before. We've tried to push our emotion through a keyboard into the Blues' locker room before. We've tried to scream ourselves hoarse at a game to motivate these Blues to beat these Red Wings before.

Now we kinda don't give a fuck. Show us we should get excited again for you. Until then, we actually aren't all that excited about a meeting with the run-down home of failing businesses and their Swedish millionaires club.

Fan ta Detroit. Here's your chart for what we want to happen tomorrow, with all of the recognition going to our own Deej: reader, commenter and everyday hero, DJ.