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Monday Links

I was fortunate enough to attend Game 4 of the 2006 World Series. That was by far the most nervous and excitedI have been in the stands at a game. Until yesterday. Tucked high into the DrinkScotch Center I stood almost the entire game. I yelled until I was hoarse and almost cried with every goal. The outcome sucked, but the experience was awesome. Also to all the Game Time guys I met: It was a pleasure meeting you all. I like the little posse that hangs out -- I felt like I was with the cool kids. Anyway, you guys don't read this stuff for my thoughts so let's link it up.

Blues news

  • The Blues lost Game 3 because of the Power Play, theirs couldn't convert, the Canucks could.
  • I agree with Bernie: Stop trying for the pretty goal and get some ugliness. 
  • Kariya might pull a Willis Reed. May I suggest B.J. Crombeen to the press box?
  • Keith Tkachuck's days as a Blue are numbered
  • From friend Nate aka NatetheGreat after I convinced him to stop lurking,  comes up with the handy decibel meter. According to the jumbotron, it got to 109 yesterday. It was LOUD.
  • T.J. Oshie answers questions ... and still doesn't say what the Bermuda Cup is.

Nucks News

  • The Canucks are stoked to win without Mats Sundin. 
  • Seriously, they like Mats.
  • Apparently being up 3-0 is a stranglehold.

Other links

  • Man, did buses have it out for this guy
  • I have a feeling some of you mind find this woman attractive
  • Richard Nixon was prepared for Neil Armstrong to die. Who knew?

Hockey news


Look at hate the Red Sox as much as the next guy but, we can learn from them. Down 3-0 to the mighty Yankees in 2004, the Red Sox didn't give up. Remember, it's not over until someone wins four games. Here is a fan-vid from the start of the comeback. Think about this when someone says the Blues are done.

Come back for more. St. Louis Game Time isn't giving up. You shouldn't either.