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A Blues Comeback Would Be Historic

The Blues pushed themselves to the brink of playoff extinction Sunday night by going 0-fer on the power play while allowing three power play goals to the Vancouver Canucks. Down three games to none in the best of seven series, a Blues victory would be epic. Groundbreaking. Miraculous. Let me explain.

In the history of the NHL, there have been 155 playoff series go to 3-0 before this season. Out of all of those playoffs, how many teams do you think came back to win four games in a row and win the series? Any idea? It's two.

In 1942 the Toronto Maples Leafs came back and defeated the Detroit Red Wings and in 1975 the New York Islanders beat the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Holy crap that's depressing. No team in 34 years has dug themselves out of the hole and pulled the miracle comeback. I'll still be in the stands Tuesday night hoping for a win, if at least to spare us a sweep. Getting swept sucks, ask Ed Belfour.

Since winning the four in a row looks bleak, let's focus on winning a couple. One even. How many games to you think this series will go? Two of the three have been decided by a single goal. The Blues play at home Tuesday. The Canucks have at least a few meals to catch food poisoning. Anything can happen.

Vote in the poll, just don't take a screen capture of your vote before you hit submit.