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Tuesday Links: Game Four Edition

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This may be it, folks. Tonight at Scottrade/DrinkScotch the Blues and Canucks will take the ice for Game 4 of the first round series. Down 3-0, this may be the last time we see the Blues play this season. I hope the Blues live to see Game 5 (and six and seven). Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • Here we go. Previews anyone?
  • Seriously guys and gals, this shit isn't over
  • I said this to NatetheGreat. after watching Happy Meal for the first time in person: I would pay to watch him skate on an empty rink. He has been awesome in this series. 
  • Don't expect Paul Kariya to play tonight. 
  • Norm Sanders informs us that Danrik was talking shit, which is why David Backes went ape shit late in the game. 
  • Special teams haven't been special.
  • Keith Tkachuk encourages cocaine use? No. But he does want some dirty noses.
  • Speaking of Walt, he hasn't had a lot of playoff success.

Canucks news

  • The Canucks are the better team, and they know it. -- Bite my ass Vancouver Sun.
  • Old man Mats has a bum hip ... just like Kariya!
  •  Canucks fans are stopping traffic to celebrate
  • A Canuck fan bounced from a bar for wearing a Canucks jersey. The bar was in Vancouver. 
  • The Vancouver police are ready. Let's keep them waiting. 

Hockey news

  • Cal and Gary, Bruins and Caps all win yesterday. 
  • What's on tap for tonight? Blues game. That's all you should be concerned with.
  • Sean Avery was Sean Avery last night, unfortunately the Caps goalie doesn't speak English.
  • The Sharks are more fucked than we are, because they were supposed to win in a walk. Sucks when the President's Trophy team loses to an 8th seed, doesn't it Fish Fans.
  • Puck Daddy offers ideas how to fix the Fin. 
  • Manny Legace makes a list. Carnie, look away. 

Other links

  • Holy shit this looks cool.
  • An astronaut believes in UFOs. 
  • Canada is giving away free coffee. 
  • Ever been to the Four Corners? You were in Arizona.
  • It wouldn't be the links without DanGNR. This one is good.


  • SB nation is having a Twitter followers contest. Even if you don't get Twitter, create an account, follow this awesome site. RFJCC, this is where you use your powers for good.


Listen to Journey.

Journey - Don't Stop believing (via sharrralou)

  Come back for more, including the GDT. This could be our last one until the fall. Let's make it a-fucking-mazing. GO BLUES!