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Canucks @ Blues GDT

This is it. Win or go golfing. There is no tomorrow. Their backs are against the wall. It's do or die. It's all or nothing. Just win, baby.


Put a playoff beard on the middle guy and his name would rhyme with Juan Mallagher.

Look, we don't know if the Blues are going to win tonight. Some guy on the radio said, "If the Blues were going to win a game in this series, they would have done it by now." What? You know if it weren't for my horse, I never would have spent that year in college. Makes the same amount of sense.

If you look in the print edition of Game Time tonight, the editor column has a pretty good attitude about tonight:

"We have to make tonight a party. Even if they lose. Hell, even if it‘s a goddamn blowout in the first period. This is no game to leave early. If it is to be a wake, let‘s make it a fucking Irish wake. It‘s not time to mourn losing a couple games to a hot goalie and some freakishly-large headed twins; it‘s time to celebrate the life and times of the 2009 St. Louis Blues.

"How much joy and excitement did they give us this year? How much fun did we all have at home jumping up and down and screaming at the television? How many times did you vigorously high-five a complete stranger in the stands this season? You‘ve gone from being the one person at your work or in your circle of friends who still watched the Blues to being the person that everyone wants to talk to about how great "our Blues are doing.' "

We want that spirit in the GDT tonight. You want to whine and complain, that's fine. We'll make fun of you for it while the rest of us raise a glass and toast a wonderful ride.

And think what this place will be like if they actually win.

Links minions, we'll be at the game. Any overflow posts are in your hands. If this thing gets to 2,000 coments on its own, so be it. I would just suggest folks keep down on the big images and moving GIF files. That will help with loading times.

This is your game day thread. You know what to do.