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Wednesday Links

It's 12:19 a.m. and I'm still not sure I believe this season is over. For the first time since I was a teenager, I immersed myself in the Blues and hockey. I never left the Note -- I'm too loyal to do that -- but this year reminded me why I feel in love with hockey and the Blues as a little tyke. It was a great season, one of many I'm sure will come. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Here's how the PD saw the game, the Belleville News-Democratat  and  the AP
  • The Blues D is more stay at home than offensive, something that could be fixed next year with Erik Johnson and Alex Pietrangelo.
  • This can only help the Kids. Perron played out of his mind in this series.
  • Bryan Burwell agrees with Mr. Gallagher -- this is only the beginning
  • I bet you guys didn't see this coming. Paul Kariya was totally ready for Game 5.
  • More from Norm, Janssen loves being a Blue and the Rivermen doing work.

Canucks news

  • Here's how the Vancouver Sun saw the action.
  • At least someone was happy last night.  
  • Salo and Sundin sat out last night.

Hockey news

  • Sharks, Canes, Pens and Wings won last night. 
  • Tonight's games, if you can watch hockey still. I'm gonna need a break of a few days, personally.
  • Dennis Wideman gets some love.
  • The league is trying to cut down on trash talk? Really?  
  • Dominik Hasek is coming back. 
  • Ex-Wild GM didn't see firing coming

Other news

  • Still cool to bag on Vancouver? NatetheGreat. thinks so. 
  • It there's one thing Hildymac knows, its strippers. Wait, that came out wrong ...
  • This kid puts me to shame.


David Perron played a heckuva game last night. He might be my favorite kid, in non-creepy way. The future is bright for this guy.


The Boss Men will have more today, and later in the week. Game Time isn't going anywhere folks. The offseason has just begun and we are here to help countdown (thanks cold) the days.