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Thursday Links

So the NHL didn't reverse the decision of last night's game and award the goal, and the game to the Blues. The season is really over. Let's link it up.

Blues news

  • Andy Murray is very zen.
  • A lot of people (Jeff Gordon included) are saying the Blues weren't ready for the bright lights of the playoffs. I don't know if I buy that -- seems like a cop out to me. 
  • Jermey Rutherford will be answering questions tomorrow. 
  • says the Blues ran out of gas.
  • The PD editorial is about the Blues? Awesome.
  • The Peoria Riverman blew a late lead last night. 
  • Good news from Vancouver.

Hockey news

  • Welcome to Club Sweep, Montreal
  • The Flames and Hawks are tied up after Cal and Gary won
  • The Rangers are up 3-1 on the Caps. Wow. 
  • Detroit and Pittsburgh can wrap things up tonight
  • The Calder nominees are out. No Oshie. Also no Pekka Rinne?

Other things to click on


The Blues thank you (us) for being fans. Cam Janssen thanks Eureka, of course. Be sure to keep checking back. We're not going anywhere, friends.