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Friday Links

Gallagher alluded to it yesterday, but the links aren't going anywhere. PCS and myself will continue to bring the links, albeit with fewer Blues links and fewer links altogether. But, we should still have fun. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Keith Tkachuk wants to come back. I feel like we'll be hearing a lot about this in the next few weeks/months.
  • Jeremy Rutherford answers questions, including about five about Jackman's knee. 
  • Fragile Jay: Still fragile.
  • Like a referee with a whistle ... it's official, Oshie and Backes are going to the World Championships. 
  • Brewer-bot is broken, still
  • Seriously guys, the future is bright -- making Mr. Checketts happy. 
  • One Act theater request ... Ben Bishop is back in Peoria.
  • The Rivermen are one game away from elimination.  

Hockey news

Other news

DanGNR provides all of these links. You trying to put me out of work? Huh? Just kidding, you are amazing. Oh, and he wrote the commentary as well. Looks like I'll get to bed earlier. Here we go.

  • Do you take pictures? Then you are a terrorist.
  • Did you miss your lunch hour while you were being saved from suicidal gunman? Then file a grievance.
  • Tired of having your photo's used without your permission?
    Then don't use your own photo's that the AP used without your permission because you didn't get permission ... Confused? Then try and make sense of this.
  • Wanna take a shit on the same seat that royalty sat upon? Oh wait... Cornwalls? or Kronwall?
  • Umm ... you can comment on this one.


It's Friday. Let's dance. (Thank you NatetheGreat.)