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The Hockey Prof: You Make The Brew

Whenever my friends hear that among my other pursuits (philosophy, hockey blogging, radio station DJ, creative cusser, etc.) I also engage in the art of home brewing, I always get the same responses: "You really need help," or "You goddam lush," or "I know a guy in a 12-step program. Would you like his number?" [Note to self: Get better friends.]

The nice thing about brewing beer yourself is you can come up with new beers to mark any special event, like the time the cat jumped into the trash can ("Garbage Kitty Ale") or that other time the sun rose in the east ("Beer, Beer, Beautiful Beer!") To that end I will be instituting a new tradition of brewing up a celebratory Blues Beer at the end of every season. The idea is that since every season sees the rise of a new hero in the Blues Pantheon, then every year that new hero should have something alcoholic named for them.

This year the Blue who needs to be commemorated is David Backes. (Don't worry, The King will get his turn someday.)

Now, this is where you guys get in on the act.

1) I need you guys to come up with a name for this Backes related brew.

2) I want you guys to vote on the basic ingredients to be used. I'll use my brewmaster skills (such as they are) to make a tasty beverage out of what you choose.

So, let's get started!

Alright, the brewing I do is Malt Extract brewing as opposed to the more time comsuming All Grain Brewing. The reason I do the easier kind of brewing is because I have a fucking life. So, the first choice to be made is what sort of Extract base to use.

Next, I like to add a touch of grain to give my beers a little extra character. (Note: In ingredient list is "crystal MALT" not "crystal METH." I'm not working in Jefferson County here.)

Then, we will need a choice of ale yeast. Yes, I will be making an ale. I'm not lagering equipped, and I think if I ever tried to be my wife might leave me. ("But honey, I need the frig for my fermenting beer. Can't we just eat Mickey D's every night for the next two months?")

The last item is the hops. Do that voodoo you do.

Based upon your selections I will select a style of beer to make and begin the process. If it turns out drinkable I will be sure to bring plenty to St. Louis for any possibile SLGT get together. However, if it turns out fantastic, I'll probably claim it magically disappeared. (One pint at a time.)

OK, I've attached the first poll here, but I can't figure out how to attach more than a single poll. (Sonofabitch.) So the other polls will be put out as Fan Posts (linked above), unless someone who knows more about this shit can fix it.

Alright folks, put me to work!