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Saturday Links

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Blues/Rivermen News:


NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy discusses John Tortoiseorella being an angry elf and tossing a water bottle at the Verizon Center. Sounds like there was spilled beer involved. In that case, all bets are off.
  • Ass To Mouth (OK OK...Abel to Yzerman...and no, I'm not posting their god-forsaken blog as a link) attempts to eulogize the BJs on Puck Daddy and ends up being ripped by his own Wings brethren in the comments.
  • Patrick Roy speaks his mind on the Carey Price mockery of the crowd.
  • Those Philadelphia Flyers sure do know how to draft tough guys.
  • Caps forced a game 6 with a 4-0 win last night.
  • Philly's on the brink of elimination with Pittsburgh, San Jose's on the brink with Anaheim, Calgary and Chicago are tied at 2 wins apiece. That's tonight's slate.
  • "Gee, Mom, when I grow up, I wanna play in the NHL and get nominated for the Lady Byng trophy! I also want to be a bitch and play for Detroit." -3 year old Pavel Datsyuk


Other Stuff:

  • The purpose of this link is to not open up a can of worms with regards to politics or network affiliations. The purpose is to illustrate that you can find sex tips in the strangest of places. (Thanks, perv, you) 
  • DanGNR must've googled "Detroit Underwear" to find this one. From the "Strange but true" file, it's Tales of the Bra.
  • Eat your heart out, computer perverts. It's the Humping USB Device!
  • This guy didn't have his "A" game at the wedding reception.
  • God, I love The Onion. (See what I did there?)


All this talk about beer brings to mind a personal favorite clip of mine featuring Bruins fan Denis Leary

Remember, it's gametimelinks (at) if you've found something funny/insightful/derogatory to Detroit