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Monday Links

If all weekends were as nice as this one, I'd never want to go back to work. Wait, I never want to go back to work. Link time, anyone?

Blues news

  • The Blues are auctioning off some jerseys. Dancin' Steve Wagner's is going for more than Killa Cam Janssen. Oh and Oshie was going for $1410 as of midnight last night. 
  • The Blues offseason of after the '09-'10 season will be interesting
  • You're going to hear it all offseason ... getting Kariya and EJ back will be like two big offseason additions. 
  • Like a father, John Davidson is proud
  • EJ gets some pub in the New York Times. 
  • Shitty reporting: No mention of the Mason beard

Hockey News

  • The Canes and the Caps force a Game 7. 
  • The Blackhawks can close it out tomorrow, and the Sharks are trying to force a Game 7. 
  • Taylor Pyatt is back with the Canucks.
  • I don't care if the call was bad, you don't kill the ref. 

Other news

  • I'm not a NASCAR fan, but I do appreciate Carl Edwards going Ricky Bobby yesteray. 
  • Has the Answer Man sold out? What no mention of Phruit Euros?
  • Cop pulls a Plaxico
  • Worst. Day. Ever. 
  • Guy opens hot dog stand that only employs ex-cons. 
  • Some awesome headlines.


Ok so the summer is going to be a little more laid back. But, we can still have some fun. Today: point out things that are wrong with this video.



That's it for today. Keep comin' back for your Blues goodness. And send sweet links to gametimelinks (at)