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Links for Wednesday

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I'm all tapped out on what to write here. So let's just get to the links.

Blues news

  • Manny Legace gave it his all for the Rivermen.
  • Jackman and McKee go under the knife. 
  • PGA goler Stewart Cink is a Thrashers fan who was rooting for the Blues. Is Hildymac Stewart Cink?

Hockey news

  • The Capitals won Game 7. And, so did the Hurricanes. 
  • In Lou we Trust and Canes Country agree on two things: Eric Staal makes a good pic and the Canes stole Game 7.
  • Blueshirt Banter has already buried the Rangers.
  • There are no games today. Ugh.
  • However, when Round 2 starts, I'll be watching Caps vs. Pens. 
  • The Selke noms are out. Is it just me, or does this look like a Golden Gloves thing were you can't be recognized for your D without putting up good O?


Other links

  • Looks like rocks are in vogue as gifts for kids: a Nintendo DS (DanGNR) and a Macbook (NatetheGreat.).
  • This might have been the worst idea ever. (DanGNR)
  • Two questions for this story: Why is a mom sending racy texts to her 12-year-old? And why does a 12-year-old have a cell phone (at school or at all)? (DanGNR)
  • Don't go to this hospital. (DanGNR)
  • Beer anyone?
  • Be nice to the bald(ing).
  • Oh tattoos ... this is the reason I don't have any.


I had another video in mind ... until I got this one from Gallagher. Now I'm not just kissing ass by posting this, I had a few good laughs at this. Oh badgers.

Come back for more. Remember kids, forward cool shit to gametimelinks (at)