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Friday Links

Before there was T.J. Oshie, there was David Backes. He is the MVP of this team (Mason is a close second in my book). When the Blues were bad, Backes wasn't. The Blues are good, Backes is better. I'm glad the Blues matched the Canucks offer last offseason. Let's get onto the links.

Blues news

  • If you're reading this, you know by now that the Blues won. The PD, the AP and Detroit News all had different views of the same thing.
  • David Backes blacked out and woke up and people were patting him on the back. I black out and I wake up hugging toilets.
  • Rookie news: Oshie is rookie of the month, Patrik Berglund is day-to-day with a dreaded lower body injury. 
  • JR Live answers a few questions. Interesting tidbit, Keith Tkachuk might not be back next year.
  • Need a new t-shirt?
  • Jay Cutler is in the news and you can't hear his name without someone saying "diabetes." The Blues nominee for the Masterton Trophy -- B.J. Crombeen -- has diabetes, but it's rarely mentioned. 
  • The Blues bandwagon is going to get realll crowded.
  • Boston is the feel-good story? I know these are Boston guys but really?
  • There was some talk in the gdt about natural hat tricks. As far as I remember, Al MacInnis was the last Blue to do it. Anyone remember one more recent?

Hockey news

  • Standings. The Blues are back in the playoff race. The 'Note aren't done yet ... Nashville has a game in hand and is just a point back.
  • I hate Vancouver and other thoughts from last night. Tonight's slate has one big game: Blackhawks over Nashville. Ugh.
  • More Mike Danton news. If you were hoping it would be good, well you're going to be disappointed.  
  • Back-to-back games in the Stanley Cup Final? Not a good idea.
  • AHL vs. NHL. NHL always wins.


  • Bacon? Bacon
  • There should be an IQ test to get online.
  • Times are tough in Michigan. 


David Backes bloodies a man who tried to fend him off with a stick. I love this man.


And that will wrap up another week for me. PCS has the reins this weekend. Come back later for some funny stuff. Go Blues.