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Blues Playoff Chart For Apr. 3

David Backes may be all that is man, but our guy DJ could take him in a syrup-chugging contest (guess who has a new Super Troopers reference superstition?).

If you want to see this more clearly, check out DJ's bigger post.


Bottom line? You're rooting for Chicago tomorrow. That's right, might as well chummy up with the boys at Second Committed City Indian and tell them to get their boys to stop playing like such pussies and put away the Nashville Predators as quickly and violently as possible.

Of course, talking about quick and violent will probably make Patrick Kane cry again, but really, that dude probably cries all the time, right?

We also want Cal and Gary to put away Minnesota, but that's a back-burner issue right now. If you feel like getting involved in that, check out Matchsticks and Gasoline (combine the two and you get fire/flames. Get it? Dontcha wish we had a more cleverer name like that?).

Let's Go Blues!