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A Quick Thank You

While Gallagher and I pretty much think of this Web site as ours (mainly because we're the troubled individuals who stay up until 2 a.m. writing for it), we don't really feel like we're the only people who own it.

If we didn't have a lively readership with witty/cutting/vulgar comments, our thoughts on the Blues would be like farts in the wind. We love the interaction that has developed here during the Blues' non-playoff seasons. And now with the team on the cusp of shocking this city and the NHL, we've got new people showing up every day. And that's cool too.

The bottom line is we're all fans, either fans of this team or hockey fans in general. The fact that people who root for Phoenix and Toronto and Boston and San Jose and Vancouver and others show up here every day is surprising and gratitying and proof that our online community is what keeps people coming back.

We don't really toot our own horn around here that often, but I did want to share one screen capture from the Post-Dispatch Web site this morning. Our game day thread hit well over 1,000 comments and didn't even include the nearly 300 comments from fans talking about the Ducks and Oilers games that wrapped up a couple hours after the Blues game. Take a look at this apparent accomplishment over at STLToday.


"Game Day Thread: 500 posts and counting!" 

It kind of puts it all in perspective. Thanks to the folks who help us with content (the morning links dudes, the Hockey Prof, our writers for the paper who sometimes chip in over here and our commenters who keep our Fanposts and Fanshots fresh). Thanks to everyone who helps make this a great place to talk hockey. It drives us to make sure we keep putting up decent crap for you to talk about.