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Links for Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone. In college, Thursday was the unofficial start of the weekend. In the adult world, its one day closer to sweet, sweet freedom. Let's look at some links.

Blues news

  • Combining someones two loves: NHRA and the Blues.
  • Hey look, a week later someone points the finger at the Blues power play. Thanks, asshole.
  • Backes and Oshie not enough to beat Berglund.
  • Brent Sonne has some sweet hair and is the player of the week.

Hockey news

  • The second round begins today with the Vancouver Cancuks taking on the Chicago Blackhawks.
    Maggie the Monkey predicts the second round.
  • Don Cherry will cry himself to sleep tonight: Three Russians are up for the Hart Trophy.
  • The Phoenix Coyotes are being run by the NHL.
  • Mike Keenan expects to be back in Calgary after their shitty final push.
  • The offeseason will be interesting in San Jose.

Other links

  • OIC checks in with a topical game.
  • We need ... a Superhero.
  • It's never a good idea to use the KKK in an advertisement.
  • I like Ketchup ... but not this much.
  • A deck chair was used to fight off pirates.


I don't know how many of you have Facebook so I don't know how many will "get" this, but when RFJCC sends you a video that is not meatspin, spam, a Rick Roll or something much, much worse ... you gotta show it.

Have a good one folks. Gametimelinks (at)