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Saturday Morning Links

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This magical, fantastical roller coaster ride of a regular season has only 4 more clicks through the turnstile. So grab your admission tickets and get ready for another edition of "the show that never ends."

We're so glad you could attend, now let's get to the links:


Blues News:

  • Blues at Stars tonight. 7PM start time. KPLR is your TV station. KMOX for the radio folks. Internet feed should be posted in the GDT.
  • More Backes mania. Backes fever, catch it!
  • The round table of Post-Dispatch writers all say the Blues make it in.
  • Peoria inches closer to a playoff berth with a win last night. (Thanks, B.) Aaron Palushaj can't hurt things, right?

NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy chats with Wild(s) forward Cal Clutterbuck about, among other things, fighting Sean Avery and yammering at Don Cherry.
  • Standings. Thanks to the Hawks for knocking off the (Sexual) Predators. Still in 8th. Nashville took out their post-game frustrations from the loss on a nearby bear.
  • Scores from around the league. Toronto scores 5 goals and loses. Damn.
  • Tonight's slate. And a DJ chart to compare all the possible results.
  • DanGNR would like to extend a box of tissues to Colorado regarding their injury troubles.

Other Stuff:

  • Hildymac gives us PROOF that it sucks to live in Michigan.
  • The best missile defense is a fake missile defense. (DanGNR makes this job pretty damn easy)

Just in case you forgot what happened the last time the Blues met the Stars. We got help from the goalposts and Marty Turco, not necessarily in that order.


This whole playoff chase has me doing more with numbers than I ever expected after high school. I got my math elective out of the way freshman year, dammit! At any rate, Bo Burnham has a way to put a fun spin on math. Enjoy!

That's all. Come back for more good stuff throughout the day and the Game Thread later. Don't forget about gametimelinks(at)