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Sunday Morning Links

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Welcome to Sunday, the tail end of the weekend. Sorry for the delay this morning; technical difficulties.

Let's get to the links:

Blues News:

  • Well that sucked, 5-4 loss in OT. At least the Blues got a point? The hell with that, we needed 2. Here's how the P-D saw it. The AP saw it thisaway.
  • Yikes: 26 stitches for Berglund and he's back out there the next day. Anybody wanna argue what's the toughest sport out there? Also high praise for the D from Rutherford. I don't care what that TSN bastard says in the NHL links, I like our defense.

NHL News:

  • Puck Daddy welcomes back the real Sean Avery.
  • On rating draft prospects that are injured
  • Scott Cullen, TSN guy, rates the Blues D-corps at 26th. 26th!?!?
  • The NHL online mothership (apart from SBnation) has a good piece on the playoff chase. Also notice David Backes is in the running along the sidebar for NHL fan fav of the week. Project Mayhem, anyone?

    Standings. That hurt.
  • Scores from last night. Ouch.
  • Schedule for tonight. We're rooting for San Jose, which is tolerable. We're also helped out if Detroit and Chicago win. I'll root for ‘em, but I'll need a shower afterwords.
  • DJ's got us covered with scenarios no matter the outcome.

Other Stuff:

  • Hildymac hits us with another tail of Detroit stupidity
  • I see averagejoe's Friday link post about bacon and raise him this.


Still feeling down about the Blues' loss? How about meow?

That's all for me. Averagejoe will pilot us through the work week and bring us more wins, right Joe?