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Monday Links

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In a week the regular season will be over. Hopefully the post season will be starting for the Blues. Just three games left. This week is going to be fun ... and be tough on the ol' ticker. Let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • Not much news to report on the Blues front. Except for this little nugget: JD says the team will make the playoffs.
  • A look at the X-factors in the remaining games by Jeff Gordon. 

Hockey news

  • Here are the standings. The Blues are still on the outside looking in.
  • The Sharks helped the 'Note out yesterday. As DJ pointed out, the schedule for today doesn't have anything that will impact the playoff the chase.
  • Some of the fine folks at TSN debate the NHL Award winners. 
  • The Swedish chip-shot artist might play in the KHL next year
  • Sidney Crosby dropped the gloves again yesterday. 
  • Ron Wilson will lead David Backes and team USA at the Olympic games.

Other things

  • Nicknames are a good thing in relationships. So I guess we DO have a healthy relationship with the Blues. 
  • This news probably won't go over well. 
  • Kids learned swear words at school. Who here was the teacher?


So last week's game against the Blackhwaks was a shitstorm of epic proportions. However I did manage to find the lone highlight from the game from a Blues prospective. Carlo Colaiacovo tells Colin Fraser to sit down.

Come back later for more fun things.