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Blues Playoff Chart For Apr. 7

Tuesday is going to be a lot more active for the playoff race than Monday was, so the chart gets a lot more hectic, too. Note that DJ has added a number next to each team denoting number of games remaining.

Aside from taking care of business against the Bad News Bears Phoenix Coyotes Tuesday, the Blues could use help from Chicago beating Nashville, Dallas beating Minnesota and Los Angeles beating Edmonton. In fact, Minnesota and Edmonton could see their playoff dreams ended tomorrow, leaving Columbus, Anaheim, Nashville and St. Louis as the four teams left battling for the last three spots.

And yes, Columbus can still find themselves outside the playoffs if they completely fall apart. That fan base will have only two options left if that were to happen: 1) Burn down the rink; 2) Mass suicide.

Click on these words to see the larger version and be sure to check back tomorrow for some write-ups on the rest of the season, a look at the Coyotes, an early version of Scoreboard Watchin' to cover the Preds and Wild(s) games that start a couple hours before the GDT really gets going.

Let's Go Blues!