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Tuesday Links

While reading some of the overboard reactions for deranged Cardinals' fans, I can't help but laugh. Apparently, the team needed to spend, spend, spend and not develop young kids. Yeah, because young guys don't invigorate a franchise and make you dream of multiple championships. The Kid Line laughs as the lemmings cry over blown saves. Anyway, on to the links.

Remember kids, today is election day. Don't forget who to write in.

Blues news

  • In case you needed a reminder: Blues vs. Yotes tonight. Here is another preview. Remember, its on KPLR and it starts at 9 p.m. CST.
  • Just like Goldielocks, the Blues are trying to find the just-right level of emotion to play with.
  • Chris Mason is the 16th best goalie in the league? His beard is easily top-10 right now.
  • David Backes is the third star for last week. He must've asked not to be No. 1.
  • More from JD and the Blues strategy to beating the Coyotes are in this JR blog

Hockey news

  • Standings.
  • Games: Last night. Today. Check the DJ post for what games are important to the Blues. Basically, we want Chicago to win. 
  • Jacksonian checks in with a great site: Name the 500 goal scorers.
  • Things are not going well for Lee Stempniak in Toronto.
  • Gary Bettman says the NHL is not close to having a team in Las Vegas. Expect a team there by next season.
  • Chris Mason calls Cam Ward a pussy
  • Who will be on Team USA? David Backes should be a no-brainer. 
  • ESPN ignores the sports it doesn't have rights to. That's why hockey is covered so little. If ESPN showed games, they would show highlights. Example: Arena football.

Other news

  • A faithful GT reader might appreciate this story: Create your own donut. Or, as Dooks said: "Donut King should appreciate this, even if it means crossing over to the Dark Side of the pastry treat Force ..."
  • This is why I don't lend people my car. Not that I drive a nice car but ...
  • Isn't St. Patrick's Day already "Beer Day?"


Blues beat Phoenix on Feb. 28. Let's hope they can do it again.

Please come back.