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Wednesday Links

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Before the game I told a friend the Blues needed good goaltending and a lot of goals — they needed to soundly beat Phoenix. Mission accomplished. Let's get to some links.

Blues news

  • Blues 5, Coyotes 1. Here is the Associated Press recap, the Post-Dispatch and the Arizona Republic. I love stories about the Blues pissing off other team's goalies.
  • Notes from the road from Jeremy Rutherford including: trivia and reference to Oshie's hands, including a video linked here.
  • The Blues aren't afraid of the road, or anyone. Also Paul Kariya is in Colorado ... developing.
  • Chris Mason 36 consecutive starts and counting. 
  • Lame duck Larry Pleau talks pucks.
  • Alex Khavanov still has a place in St. Louis? What was he keeping it for?

Hockey news

  • The last ten column is an awesome sight. Eighth place never felt so good.
  • Thank you, Chicago. The rest of last nights games can be found here. Here are today's games. I guess we're pulling for Chicago again? This is getting hard to do. 
  • Awesome story from Silver Seven Sens. Also the Avery joke in the comments is awesome. Thats why you rec good comments, people.
  • Detroit is allowing fans to put tickets on layaway. I can't even make a joke about that its so sad.
  • All 30 teams give out awards — was this Brad and or gallagher who did this? 
  • The Central Division gets some love.



I used to call Mike Weaver worthless. Then he grew a beard and started hitting guys like this. Sorry, buddy.

Brad has a post coming up later today and there will be other stuff to entertain you until Friday. Don't worry, St. Louis Game Time has got this shit on lock.