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Who's The Predator Now? Blues Pounce On Opportunity.

So who knew that the Coyotes' goaltending was so shi-tay? Not one of the five goals the Blues scored tonight was a clean one. Every one of them was fluky in one way or another:

  1. BJ Crombeen puts one through Ilya Bryzgalov that trickles through and into the net.
  2. Brad Winchester's through-crease shot hits Ken Klee's skate and goes in.
  3. Keith Tkachuk is passed the puck right out front... by Ilya Bryzgalov.
  4. BJ Crombeen, again, hits Bryzgalov and has it go through him and into the net.
  5. On a sweet out-of-the-box breakaway for David Perron, he hit Al Montoya and had it trickle through into the net.

Good enough for tonight, but other nights that is a 0-1 loss. But screw it, that negativity is for another site on another night. Tonight, the Blues ripped back the opportunity that they handed to the Nashville Predators on Saturday when they failed to step on Dallas' neck and let the Preds slip past them.

Now, two games left for both teams, Blues in eighth, Preds in ninth. If the Note get the big wins in the regular season home finale against the Blue Jackets and TJ Oshie's personal bitch, Rick Nash and then against the AHL Colorado Avalanche on Sunday, nothing the Predators cand do on the road against the Red Wings and Minnesota Wild(s) will matter.

Win and you're in. That's it. Four points finds this team anywhere between sixth and eighth. We'll worry about seeding later. Right now, let's just concentrate on making the DrinkScotch as inhospitable as possible for the Coats on Friday.

Random notes from tonight. Feel free to discuss:

  • John Davidson admitted that the players, Carlo Colaiacovo in specific, liked the 'We Want Playoffs' chant that started a couple weeks ago. Colaiacovo apparently got the chills when he heard it.
  • The Silver Fox is clearly a Blues fan first, Blues president second. If you wouldn't run through a brick wall for JD if he asked, leave now.
  • Chris Mason's beard is clearly deserving of it's own David Backes-like list of accomplishments and abilities. We anxiously await your FanShot.
  • Every year we have done a 'Blues Least Favorite Player' article and/or vote. This year, there will be no such nonsense.
  • Is it Friday yet? What about now? How about now? Now?

All of which brings us to our poll for the night....