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Project Mayhem: Wing It In Motown


Does downtown Detroit actually look like that?

Think of it as a one-way field trip behind enemy lines for one night. It's kind of an Andy Kaufman kind of thing if you know what I mean.

Here is your mission if you choose to accept it: Go to Winging It In Motown. Fill up the damn comments on their GDT. Be totally positive for the Wings over the Predators. Remember their community guidelines: NO SWEARING. Be courteous. Be funny. No meatspins. No takeovers. No terrorism. Don't even talk about the Blues. It will blow their minds. Then feel free to come back here and return to your swarthy sailor ways and we'll get jacked up for Friday's home game.

I will be there. Don't let me go alone. But if you do go, follow the guidelines. With the commenting history over there, it could be all Blues fans on a Detroit blog.