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Blues Playoff Chart For Apr. 10

You know what? Tonight proved what we've known all along. You can't count on anyone to help you out but yourself. Fuck Detroit and fuck everyone else. The Blues' fate is still firmly in their own hands. Win and you're in, no matter what else happens. As we like to say down in the rec leagues, it aint about the other team, it's just about us.

You know what else goes hand in hand with this? The playoffs. It doesn't matter what seed they fall in as long as they have a seed. San Jose? Who gives a shit? Cal and Gary? Fine. Detroit? Fuck Detroit.

The Blues need to know what we all now know: it's up to them. Now and forever.

Fuck everyone. Go Blues.

Here's your DJ-riffic chart for Friday. Need glasses and whatnot? We have a bigger version available.