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It's Finally Friday so let's click some stuff

It's Friday. I'm looking forward to this weekend,  I'll be drowning my sorrows in a pitcher (or 10) after having to drop some coin to fix my car. Fuck Detroit and its shitty cars. Who knew water was bad? Anyway, let's get to the links.

Blues news

  • In case you missed it: The PD's Jeremy Rutherford chatted yesterday. Despite about seven repeated questions, I did learn a few things.
  • Wondering how the World Classic Five are doing? Mason and Polak, not so bad. 
  • A member of the Riverman gets called up for the NHL playoffs. Wait, what?

Hockey news

  • The Canucks stay undefeated in the playoffs after beating the Blackhwaks. Whatever. 
  • Tomorrow? Wings vs. Ducks and the Bruins vs. the Hurricanes. 
  • Speaking of the 'Canes, comedian Bill Burr makes fun of their fans by comparing them to Nashville. 
  • Jagr says that if he comes back, he'd like to play with the Oil. Why?
  • Richard Zednik is bailing on the NHL and the Panthers.
  • Hey speaking of Zednik, he was just nominated for the Masterton award for dedication to hockey.
  • Tortorella has some damage control. 
  • Roberto Luonogo is not god?

Other links

  • RFJCC checks in with a safe for work link. (By the way dude, thanks for sending meatspin to the links address. I'm lucky it was clearly labeled.). Anyway, after teabaggin the taxes on April 15, here are some other protests to look forward to. (This is not a political endorsement, these are just funny).
  • David (no screenname given) doesn't think too highly about Matt Vasgersian: "The guy is a bitch."
  • It's no longer swine flu, it's influenza A (H1N1). Just rolls off the tongue, eh?
  • Husband have a gambling problem? Call for help, not a bomb threat
  • Here's a tip, free of charge: If someone is giving away money, don't take it. 
  • I see no way this can go wrong.


Since it's Friday, I got two videos for you guys. The first is just how badass hockey players are. The second, I think you'll all like the end. TO THE VIDEOS!

And now ... a word from Cleveland.


That'll do it for me. I'm gonna pass the mic to the Hockey Prof. After that? DJ Gallagher may spin some tunes. Then the weekend will come and Poor College Student will be the MC around these parts. Have a good weekend, all. Holla.