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Sunday Links

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It's Sunday. It's links.

It's Sunday links.

And there's still time to get a card and a candle for Mom if you haven't got her something yet.

Blues News:

  • They're calling the Canada/Russia championship game the "Ultimate Showdown." I thought this was the ultimate showdown. Osh and Backes go for the bronze today, too.
  • This link is out due to their being no god damn Blues news besides the boys we have playing in Switzerland.

NHL News:

  • Last night's Caps/Pens game was one of the best games to watch of the whole playoff season. OT winner ended up skipping past Varlamov when it was deflected by WSH d-man Tom Poti's stick/glove/something while defending on a 2-on-1. Pens lead the series 3-2 now. And the only reason they played back to back nights is because of a Yanni concert.
  • The wrasslin' fans will love this headline from Pensburgh's breakdown of game 5.
  • Hawks won. Fuck 'em. 3-2 lead for them.
  • All the focus seems to be on Phoenix. Word from Bird Watchers hints that the Thrashers may be on the move. Mirtle weighs in here.
  • Speaking of the Coyotes, the NHL really wants this bankruptcy nonsense to go away.
  • Caps are angry at HNIC. I would be, too, if they were looking at pre-game strategy.
  • And the Ovechkin knee controversy. Vote for or against a suspension over at Mirtle's establishment.
  • Tonight's action. Canes can put the Bruins away tonight.

Other Stuff:


I'm turning it over to Dooks for the video. Behold the "Whoop-Ass Girls"

I'm sure Carnie could handle those bitches.

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