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Monday Links

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Is it really Monday again? Damn. Maybe the links will make it better.

Blues news

  • The Jell-O man played for four teams last season. 
  • Backes and Osh man lost to IceBerg. I don't think they will hear the end of that. 
  • Chris Mason took second. Meanwhile, Manny Legace cried while watching a movie. The movie? The Blues 2008-09 highlight video.

Hockey news

  • I'm doing the links super early (at home for Mom's day and traveling in the morning) so I don't yet know who wont the Boston/Carolina game. Here are the scores from last night that will update magically and tell you. Isn't the internet great. 
  • The Wings are one win away from the West finals. 
  • Speaking of the Ducks, the no longer want to have anything to do with the Iowa Chops. 
  • Hamilton, Ontario must be just the greatest city in the world. 

Other links

  • So a family in Kirkwood thinks VCRs maybe going out of style.  (NatetheGreat.)
  • Since we here at Game Time are good at voting for stuff ... let's help ruin baseball's stupid All-Star Game.
  • Oh St. Louis, may you always love stuffed dead things. 
  • Don't take pics of you peeing on cop cars. That's just silly. Do it, but don't document it. 


I hope all you Moms had a good day yesterday. This would have made it better.

If the video doesn't work, go here.

That will be all, folks. See you Tuesday. gametimelinks (at)