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Tuesday Links

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Good morning, Game Time. You are looking well today. You get some sun? You look good. Now why don't you relax and not do work and check out some sweet ass links.*

*Links may not contain sweet ass.

Blues news

  • I'm stretching today since the Blues have gone into hiding. Here's some words about Dave Lowry's team -- that features Blues prospect Brett Sonne.
  • We're No. 10!

Hockey news

  • Gary Bettman has to be walking around like a smug prick toda ... wait that's everyday? Anyway, he got his wish: Caps vs. Pens, Game 7, after the Caps won in OT last night.
  • Pensburgh breaks down Game 6.
  • Seriously, this Caps/Pens series has been great.
  • In non-CrOvechkin news, the Blackhawks beat the Canucks to become the first team to advance to the conference finals. Congrats? 
  • The Wings and Canes are going to try and wrap things up tonight. I say, more Game 7s!
  • Speaking of the Canes/Bruins game ... Scott Walker won't be suspended. Does anyone else think the NHL suspension policy is like the bailout episode of South Park where the kill a chicken?
  • Mike Modano is not retiring
  • Rick Tocchet is a full-time head coach. Pete Rose weeps. 
  • Your daily Coyotes reading. Odin says we should root for the league? Yuck. 

Other things to click

  • Please ignore the shittyness of this site -- it's the content that counts. Carnie passes along hip hop songs gone old school. She seems to think RFJCC would like this.
  • This site is surprisingly save for work, but you might not want the url to show up in your browser. 
  • Anyone play Punch-Out on the old Nintendo? It's coming back for the Wii. 
  • Awkward Family Photos? You bet. This kinda makes me want to be a photographer and see what I can get people to do. 
  • A white, African-American gets kicked out of school. This is fucking stupid. 
  • Speaking of stupid, Fuck you Judge.


Holy shit, RFJCC -- where did you find this? This video is straight-up bizarre. It takes a turn that is just downright hilarious. This might not be safe for work, but the language is clean and the images are not really ... real? Please watch.

  That does it for me. Have a good Tuesday. See you Wednesday? gametimelinks (at)