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Wednesday links

It's Wednesday, everyone. The weekend is inching ever closer, but is still so far away. Some people may say that Monday's suck, but I hate Wednesday's. Anyway, it's link time, bitches.

Blues news

  • Can the Blues learn anything from watching the Blackhawks advance to the third round? Some writers from the PD think so. Really, the Blues and Hawks are two different teams. 
  • Bernie seems to think the Blues are chasing the Hawks, despite the Blues owning the Hawks last year. 
  • Comparing the Blues almost journey to Canada to the Coyotes current situation.
  • I hate hedlines with question marks. However, could Dave Lowry be on the Blues radar?

Hockey news

  • Game 7's Galore! Ducks win! Bruins win! Caps and Pens play tonight! Holy shit, these playoffs are good.
  • Caps vs. Pens has been good, but don't talk about not having conferences
  • The Leafs might trade up to the 2nd spot in the draft. Wonder who they want to take? 
  • Look, Sports Illustrated, the NHL is coming back. Get your shit together and cover hockey better. This list sucks.  I know a young writer who loves the NHL and is good at finding links ...
  • The guy who outbid himself for Alex Rodriguez has issues with spending money you say? Color me shocked. 
  • I don't want to anger Odin again, but why doesn't Gary like Jim Balsillie?

Other links

  • College student forgets some pot in her dorm room. Oops. (Hat tip to Donut King)
  • Here's something for the fellas: a flowchart that teaches you how to lie to the lady in your life. 
  • I want to see Applesauce used as a swear today, and this is the right crowd to corrupt. 
  • Oh Detroit ... keep it up.
  • I've been out of college for five months. I miss it for shit like this
  • I hate combined words.


More from the boss man Gallagher ... Who needs a movie?

Have a good Wednesday. I'll be back tomorrow. Remember, gametimelinks (at)