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Thursday Links

When the non-hockey fans finally start to pay attention -- Game 7 between the games two biggest stars -- they get a crappy blowout. I will never understand the hockey gods. Let's get to some linkage.

Blues news

  • Some Blues players will be at a Bandits game this weekend. Doesn't say which ones. Yes, it's a slow Blues news day. 

Hockey news

  • Down goes Ovechkin!
  • Puck Daddy has some insight on the Game 7 that didn't meet the hype. 
  • Pensburgh is feeling kinda good right now.
  • The Pensblog has an awesome banner image.
  • ESPN says the Caps just don't know how to win.
  • Tonight we have Wings vs. Ducks and Bruins vs. Hurricanes
  • The Stanley Cup of Chowder has a lovely poem.
  • Brian Burke says yesterday's report is not true. He's not gonna trade for the top pick. Riiiiiiiight. 
  • Oh, Canada ... you really want a seventh team in a city few in the States have heard of.
  • Speaking of Hamilton, Jim Balsillie has exclusive rights to the arena, which is nice. I bet he throws a sweet party. 
  • Hockey's Brett Favre is undecided

Other links

  • Kids can't draw. Although, to be fair, I can't either. 
  • If you laugh at this we can be friends in hell.
  • Doc Whiskey calls this site a guaranteed time-waster.


Cozmcphish has a simple equation: Superglue + Sandals = Hilarity


Tomorrow is Friday. Come back. Gametimelinks (at)