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Friday's Links

Much better Hockey Gods, much better. Two Game 7s, both down to the wire, with one of them ending in overtime. Don't think you could ask for more -- except for the Wings the lose. Let's get to the Friday links, shall we.

Blues news

  • JR comes through with a chat I forgot to tell you about. [StlToday]

Hockey news

  • The Wings beat the Ducks in Game 7. [Recap]
  • I will not be watching a single game of the Western Conference Finals. Detroit and Chicago? This is like the Winter Classic ... but worse.  I might tune into the Eastern finals. [From the Rink Schedule]
  • I don't understand how a Game 7 win can be given the same treatment as a regular season win. [Winging it in Motown]
  • In the other Game 7, the Bruins got punched in the gut by Scott Walker. And yes, I'm the 1,000th writer to make a Walker/punch reference. [Recap]
  • Now the fine folks at the Stanley Cup of Chowder really know how to talk about a loss.  [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • I love the use of the verb Cardiac in a hedline. Well done. [Canes Country]
  • No offer sheets for Steve Bernier this offseason. [ESPN]
  • More Coyotes news ... Jim Basillie continues to be on the assault. Dude really wants a team. Can't we give him a shitty team? [TSN]
  • In case you forgot, the Canadian media loves Sidney Crosby and hates Russians. [TSN/ The Canadian Press]

Other stuff

  • Carnie, you are really popular around her. People are sending me links that you would enjoy. Anyway, Hildymac passes along a story that Carnie will hate, and RFJCC will love. [The Onion]
  • So if you are of a certain age, you probably know people who say FML all the damn time. Well ... MLIA. [MyLifeIsAverage]
  • I would like a TV of this size, only if you could also make it six smaller tv's. [Slashgear]
  • After a workout, don't reach for a Gatorade, grab some cereal. [WBAL-TV]
  • Man promises a close view of river. He succeeds. [Daily Express]


This video is perfect in about a million ways. Happy Friday.

Another week down. Poor College Student will take you through the weekends. Hit him up at gametimelinks (at) Have a good weekend.