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A Perfect(ly Horrible) Storm

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And so it has happened. The two teams that Blues fans hate the most are in the Western Conference finals. Aside from rooting for a rogue meteor to flatten the rink, how are any of us supposed to watch this series, let alone root for a winner?

Beyond that, name one team left that looks like it can beat Detroit. The Ducks probably had the best chance and Boston was probably second on the list. Pittsburgh? Doubtful. Carolina? Please. The Hawks? They couldn't even hold a lead against Detroit in the winter 'classic' in front of a rowdy Wrigley crowd and a national audience.

There's lots of reasons to hate this year's playoffs including the newly-minted 'intent to blow' rule, the media love for hockey mercenary and easy-to-now-dislike Marian Hossa, the terrible 'coverage' offered by the Versus network (Keith Jones has somehow become a bigger joke than Brian Engblom? Wow!), but we'll have time to get to all of that later.

For now, there's just one pertinant question...