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Saturday Links

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If you're reading this, than the torrential downpour and wind did not kill me. Well, at least it was torrential in my neck of the woods.

Onto the links:


Blues News:

NHL News:

  • This gives you the idea that Canada wants a seventh team. Who knew?
  • No games 'til Sunday. But Mirtle has a nifty schedule for both Conference Finals and a poll here.
  • Second City has them a glossary to explain their nicknames and such. I shudder at the size of such a glossary for nicknames and inside jokes over here.
  • Anybody ever lived with a kidney stone? Anybody ever played hockey with a kidney stone? Mark Recchi has
  • Patrick Kane earns a little of my respect with this headline.
  • We've all thrown shoes and/or remotes in fits of rage after Detroit scores. Anaheim's GM does one better.

Other Stuff:


You've all seen the videos and highlights from the conference semis. What you have not seen (or maybe you have) is a video of a sleepwalking dog.


Happy Saturday to all of you. Help us out if you've got a link at gametimelinks (at)