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Monday Morning Links

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It's Monday. Back to the grind. Links, anyone?

Blues news

  • Did you know the Alaska Aces are part of the Blues family? Did you realize how far of a stretch it is to fine Blues news in these dark times? The Aces coach has been good this year. [Anchorage Daily News]

Hockey news

  • The Wings won. Yay? Boo? Who cares. [TSN Recap]
  • Like I said, the Wings won. Commence the media fellatio. [Pierre LeBrun]
  • At least the misguided, but cool, guys at Second City aren't giving out Wings love. [Second City Hockey]
  • Game 1 in the East begins tonight. [Schedule]
  • It's an All-Staal East Finals. You gotta feel for the parents in this one ... who do they root for? I'm going to guess Jared since Eric has a Cup. [TSN]
  • Sergei Gonchar should be ready for Game 1... [TSN]
  • ... Or not. It's the playoffs. Don't believe anything. [Pensburgh]
  • The Phoenix Fans (Phans?) aren't giving up easily. [TSN]
  • Why is Sean Avery back in the news? [TSN]

Other news/links

  • If you are in a wheelchair, you can board a train at Macdonaldtown ... however you have to take the stairs to get there. [Daily Telegraph]
  • Baby boomers are getting old and they don't like it, request you leave their lawns. [Boston Globe]
  • MIA/POW flag designer dies at age 88. [Fox News]
  • I wasn't even born when this woman got a ticket for running red light. [Times Union]


Reader "Dave" passed on Auto Tune the news No. 2. It made me laugh. I was going to use it today, but bam ... here comes Auto Tune the news No. 3. So hat tip to "Dave" for helping me find this.

I'll be back Tuesday ... will you? gametimelinks (at)