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Tuesday Links

Monday is in the books. Tuesday starts  now. Links, anyone?

Blues news

  • Doc Whiskey passes along some news for Season Ticket Holders: Full and Half Season Ticket Holders can upgrade their seat location at Select-A-Seat on May 19 & 20. Check your mailbox for your invitation or call your sales representative.

Hockey news

  • Pittsburgh beats Carolina in Game 1. Philippe Boucher had a goal and assist. Really? [Yahoo! Recap]
  • Pensburgh says it was the afterthoughts the came through. Philippe Boucher is exhibit A. [Pensburgh]
  • The Hurricanes aren't worried. As Bubba points out in his game notes, the Canes have dropped two Game Ones this year. [Canes Country]
  • Game 2 of the "other" series is today. [AP Preview]
  • Second City Hockey hasn't given up yet. [Second City Hockey]
  • Missed this: Adam Bruish is a beast. [Puck Daddy]
  • Pat Kane says the Hawks need Pat Kane to win. [The Hockey News]
  • Bob McKenzie thinks the Game 1 loss is not a good thing. [TSN]
  • Today is a big day for the current Phoenix Coyotes.  [TSN]
  • The NHL got a big boost Monday from the other sports leagues. [ESPN]
  • I liked watching Patrick Roy play goal, but I never thought he was a future coach. [TSN]
  • Expensive broken sticks are an issue with some people. [Puck Daddy]

Other links

  • Get your headphones ready ... the Helen Keller Simulator. [Helen Keller]
  • Army regulations are more lax in war, apparently. [New York Times]
  • Finnish swear words. [Youswear]
  • Who the fuck pees in the pool? You're an asshole, whoever you are. [ABC News]



Chris Gift has an idea ..."We have the newspaper version, the web version, and if we ever decide to make a TV version out of SLGT, how about we hire this guy?"

Ladies and gentleman, boom goes the dynamite.

I love this guy. Come back tomorrow. gametimelinks (at)