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Wednesday Links

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This week seems to be going by pretty fast ... is that just me or true for everyone else? Anyway, here are your daily links. Please enjoy.

Blues news

  • Erik Johnson is moving closer and closer to being healthy. [Morning Skate]

Hockey news

  • The Wings are now up 2-0 on the Blackhawks. I continue to not care about this series. It's pretty nice. [Yahoo!/AP recap]
  • Is the 2-0 series lead a death grip for the Wings? [Puck Daddy]
  • No games tonight. Sorry.
  • The bankruptcy judge tells the NHL and Moyes to sit in a room and play nice. [TSN]
  • It may take a new owner for a terrible coach to get fired. [TSN]
  • Bill Simmons, who usually sticks to the NBA and baseball, has re-fallen in love with hockey. [ESPN]
  • CJ passes along this article about Pat Kane. We agree, he has an attractive sister. [ESPN]

Other links

  • Cozmcphish says: "Mechanic: "I think we found out why your car's making that clinking noise." I say,  if this is your car, we are probably related. [Pic]
  • From DanGNR: "Adverse reaction to success in the Pirate Bay trial...
    People are PAYING the attorneys who won the case. But this costs the attorneys money." [The Register]
  • Also from DanGNR: "This guy gets what he deserves." [BBC]
  • DanGNR with the trick: Old people are so funny. [Metro]


RFJCC is leaving. Farewell, and here is a video he would like to share with the class before leaving. We hope you enjoy.

  Have a good Wednesday. gametimelinks (at)