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Thursday Links

Happy Thursday! Or as I like to call it ... Ladies Day. Get it? The HERS day. Links?

Blues news

  • Eureka's own Cam Janssen is a big fan of mixed martial arts fighting. [Cagewriter]
  • Hildymac passes along a story about the Blues signing three ... I could've swore this happened weeks ago but it seems new. Anyway, thanks, Hildy. [SBRforum]
  • How much of an impact will Erik Johnson have next year is just the type of question that makes me hate the offseason. [Post-Dispatch]
  • Got a question for Jeremy Rutherford? Ask away. [PD Chat]

Hockey news

  • No games last night.
  • Tonight we got Game 2 of Canes/Pens. Pens are up 1-0, and that may be bad. [TSN]
  • Miro Satan is playing well ... after being a healthy scratch. [ESPN]
  • Coyotes news! The Blackberry guy isn't the only one who wants this team. [TSN]
  • Right now, it looks Phoenix will be the home for the Coyotes for next season. [Puck Daddy]
  • Look what John Davidson has started. [ESPN]
  • Pavol Demitra is still an enigma. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other news

  • Part-time Santa/full-time Clown (same guy) charged in child porn case. Thanks for the nightmares, Donut King. [State Journal-Register]
  • Also from Donut King, an honest politician. [Croatian Times]
  • You might not be getting what you pay for at an IMAX theater. (DanGNR) [Slashfilm]
  • Also from DanGNR: Not a typo: The French WIN! [WaPo]
  • A cupcake truck? Fuck and yes. Thanks NatetheGreat. [Consumerist]


Dustin sends along an awesome video. Enjoy.

Have a good one. gametimelinks (at)