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Saturday Links!

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Well, hello friends. Poor College Student couldn't be here today. Something about his internet not working. He has asked me to take over and since I have no life, here are the Saturday links. Enjoy.

Blues news

  • Silent Jay will be staying put with a 3-year deal. I least I think so. Bernie mentioned it in his bits and NatetheGreat. saw it on twitter. [Twitter/Bernie]
  • Brett Sonne must be a good talker, he goes tons of shit written about him. [SLAM!]

Hockey news

  • Wings lost to Hawks. Still don't care. [AP/Yahoo!]
  • Martin Havlat got smoked by Nik Kronwall last night. Wow. Clean hit in my book, but still a big blow. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of the Wings, Jeremy Roenick says Mike Babcock hates 'Mericans and old people. (Thanks Andy) [Faceoff]
  • It's Penguins vs. Hurricanes tomorrow. Should be an important game. [AP preview]
  • Game 3 might be a must win for the 'Canes. [Pensburgh]
  • WIth its playoff run, the Hurricanes have made money. [TSN]
  • Don't try to understand the suspension rules. [TSN]
  • The only thing Mirtle ever wrote about the Blues was that they had no chance of making the playoffs. Nice to know where he stands. [From the Rink]
  • Alex Ovechkin is Sporting News player of the year. [TSN]
  • Get your calanders out. [TSN]

Other links

  • Cozmcphish found this site. It lets you ... you know what, just go and find out. It's pretty sweet. [RunPee]
  • The greatest untencil ever. [Eat Me Daily]
  • Old people on this site, don't feel old if you don't know half this shit. I'm 23 and don't know most of it. I guarantee probably like two kids use this. Banana means penis? Come on. Who says that? [Fox]
  • From Susie ... Nightmare Fuel. [Cake Wrecks]


It's Saturday morning. That means its cartoon time. Here's part one of my fave cartoon from my youth. Parts two and three are after the jump.

Have a good one. gametimelinks (at)

Part 2

Part 3