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Sunday Links

Hello again. PCS is in soaking up the sun in Florida (bastard) so I have the Sunday shift. Just a note, tomorrow is Memorial Day and since everyone will be taking a day off, I think the links will too. I might put a few things together for a mini-post but don't expect a full-blown linkspolsion.

Blues news

  • The links are being done earlier than normal so ... no Blues news. Nothing has happened today. Sorry.

Hockey news

  • That was some game last night wasn't it. And that goal? Whoa. [Score]
  • I didn't see last night's game when I wrote that last intro.
  • Check out Pensburgh and Canes Country for coverage of the big Game 3. [Pensburgh. Canes Country]
  • I remember this guy on, I think, NHL 2002. He was great. Go Daryl Reaugh. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bobby Holik might retire to be with his family. Or to not suck on a national stage. One of those two. [NY Post]
  • So about that Stanley Cup schedule ... you might have a long layoff. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jeremy Roenick apologized. I can go back to not liking him. [CBC]
  • Awesome story about Zamboni's. [NY Times]

Other links

  • Denmark is a tricky font. And yes I know my fonts. Yes, I'm single, why do you ask? [Buzzfeed]
  • They fight and bite ... Itchy And Scratchy rule. [Gunaxin]
  • Woman gets hypnotized into thinking she had a weight loss surgery ... and then drops 55 pounds. [Fox]
  • Houston schools are having a bit of a problem. [Houston Chronicle]


Keyboard cat is taking over the world.

Remember, mini-links tomorrow. Full links Tuesday. Have a good Sunday Funday. gametimelinks (at)