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Tuesday Links

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Hope everyone had a good day yesterday. I know I did, despite having to work. I was able to get done early and do some grocery shopping. There, I witnessed a middle-age woman crap her pants in public -- I literrally saw her pants change color. It was a beautiful thing. I haven't had that good of a laugh in a while. Links, anyone?

Blues news:

  • Gotta love Copy Editors: "NFL COMBINE: Blues get one last look before draft." Let's hope they don't draft Matt Sanchez. Seriously though, a good read on the NHL combine. Remember Post, the H stands for hockey. [StL PD]
  • Erik Johnson is on his way back, and, more importantly, working with one of the best ever. [StL PD]

Hockey news:

  • No games yesterday. Did you miss it?
  • The Penguins will try to close out the Eastern Conference series tonight. [Preview]
  • Things could be worse for the Canes? [Canes Country]
  • You don't have to tell Blues fans, special teams are important. [Pensburgh]
  • After whining a ton after Game 4, Coach Q is lighter in the wallet. [TSN]
  • Jim Balsillie is that kid who won't take a hint. The NHL doesn't want him around, but he really wants to be in their club. [TSN]
  • The AVS are going to be fun to watch is Patty Roy is both GM and coach. Holy shit, that's an accident waiting to happen. [TSN]
  • Way to shit on my fun, Pierre LeBrun. [ESPN]
  • Bye bye Federov. [Puck Daddy]
  • A good read on how the mainstream media covers hockey. [Puck Daddy]

Other links:

  • God Bless America. [Unique Daily]
  • How shoes got their names. [Mental Floss]
  • Botox nightmare fuel. [Daily Mail]
  • A man who sues people is suing the Guinness folks for saying he is the most litigious person. [Spokesman]
  • Mmmm Bacon. Mmm booze. [WPTV]


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