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Wednesday links

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Blues news

  • Breaking News: Silent Jay re-ups with the Blues. Oh, it's not breaking? Carry on then. [StL PD]
  • TSN tackles the Blues and you can't argue with with they say the team needs this off-season. [TSN]

Peter Zezel

Sad news in the hockey world, former NHL player (and two-time Blue) Peter Zezel died at the age of 44. Here are some links about a guy who died too young.

  • TSN has the details about the death. [TSN]
  • Kelly Chase speaks about Zezel as only he could. [StL PD]
  • PPP has a nice tribute to Zezel. [PPP]
  • Friend Dominik delivers a moving tribute to Zezel. [Lighthouse Hockey]

Hockey news

OK ... onto happier stuff.

  • The Pens beat the Canes to win the series. [Recap]
  • There was much rejoicing at Pensburgh. [Pensburgh]
  • Hope this doesn't come back to bite them on the ass, the Pens touched the Prince of Wales Trophy. [Pensblog]
  • In non-Pens news ... Viktor Kozlov is going to the KHL. [Jasper's Rink]
  • Pat Quinn will be coaching the Oilers. [Yahoo!]
  • Oh goody ... a steroids scandal in hockey. [Puck Daddy]
  • ... Oh yeah. There's some game on tonight. [Preview]

Other links

  • Andy likes this one phrase: "But is it harmful to dress up in overalls and run around the woods covering each other in goo? [BBC]
  • Hildy has seen the recent clown links, so she shares one of her own. [WTOV]
  • I wish I could grow a beard. [Neat O Rama]
  • Beer cans through the ages. [Web Urbanist]
  • It's a Fanny-Pac for your head. I shit you not. [Cap-Sac]
  • Shit you shouldn't buy. [Maybe you shouldn't buy that]


Maybe we don't have it so bad with Dirt Cheap.

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