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Tuesday Links

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I opened my windows to get some fresh air/release the heat in my apartment. I can't breathe out my nose now. Man do I love spring. Here are some allergy-free links. Enjoy.

Blues news

  • The Beard lives
  • David Backes gets some fantasy love.
  • The Alaska Aces are good

Hockey news

  • This Alex Ovechkin/Sidney Crosby "rivalry" seemed a bit overblown, but holy shit did they not disappoint last night. Double hat tricks. As a fan of hockey, thank you for getting the casual fan's attention.
  • Puck Daddy covers the game. Note to Sid: Stop Bitching.
  • Pensurgh says it over yet
  • ESPN says the Caps are the best young team in the league.
  • Wings vs. Duckss tonight. As well as Nucks vs. Hawks. Meh. 
  • We're down to the Charity Awards.
  • How many times do you think Jackman wanted to ddo this to emo-Manny?

Other links

  • Milo wishes Louie would just reach out and touch someone, like this mascot did.
  • Classic17 links to his own blog, but only for a look-a-like that's pretty good.
  • Sure I'll link to a David Lee Roth sound board (Thanks, Jeff).
  • This Sham Wow dub is vulgar, crude and most def. not safe for work. Thanks Carnie!
  • Oh how I love how easy it is to dupe the media. 


Oh Japan, you stay fucking weird. RFJCC gives us some Japanese pop music. I have no idea what they are saying. Enjoy.

Well that's it for today friends. Thanks for all of you for sending shit in. It's the offseason, so PCS and I need all the help we can get. Keep sending us cool/weird stuff to gametimelinks (at) Have a good Fifth de May everyone.  Later.