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Thursday Links

Walking a golf course while in the mist of full-blown allergies was probably not the best idea I've ever had. I'll let you all know when my eye stops being blood-shot. With one eye, I present you the links.

Blues news

  • T.J. Oshie scores to help the Yanks beat the Fins. Nice to see Oshie step up, too bad it's about two weeks too late. Alternate headline from Poor College Student: Ameerrrriiikuuuhhh FUCK YEAH!
  • Chris Mason will be in net for Team Canada.

Hockey news

Coyotes news

  • Odin at Five for Howling implores fans of Phoenix to step up. 
  • Five for Howling also has some shirts that really only true hockey fans will get. 
  • The NHL is not happy with the 'Yotes owners and is trying to get the Chapter 11 called back.
  • Bob McKenzie says a lot of true things -- like this going to be ugly and getting into journalism to not do math. 
  • Hamilton is going to get an NHL team? Really?

Other links

  • Cozmcphish wants a St. Louis business to do this with David Backes. 
  • I agree with DanGNR ... ummm.
  • Apparently Not a Big Enough Wolverine Fan passes along the man you want in a box fight. 
  • In the US, we are trying to ban smoking. In China, not so much. DanGNR, again
  • From NatetheGreat: "REALLY?! shocking that the former dominos employee who broadcast sneezing on food and putting it up a guy's nose can't find work! oh, and she's a registered sex offender, too. the world is just too cruel."


I'm not sure how many of you are Family Guy fans, but here is Seth MacFarlane's original idea for Brian and Peter. It's hard not to see the similiarities.


Until Friday folks. Adios. Gametimelinks (at)