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Friday's Links

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Does anyone read this? I don't have anything witty to say and the last few days have been me whining. Who wants to read that shit? Let's get to the links, friends.

Blues news

  • Remember the paper the predicted the Blues in six ... after they were swept? Well the just learned of the sweep
  • Chris Mason, still going strong. 
  • Cozmcphish sends along the list of bizarre hockey incidents, shockingly three involved the Blues.

Hockey news

  • Both the series in the West are tied up at two after the Hawks won in overtime and the Wings won in regulation. 
  • Friday night hockey: Pens vs. Caps and Bruins vs. Canes.
  • You wanna piss me off? Threaten to kill Alex Ovechkin. That's a big no-no online douche.
  • A in depth legal analysis of the Coyotes situation
  • Speaking on the Desert Dogs, I'm giving some internet love to OdinMercer over at Five for Howling. He is doing work. Here's a live update of court -- bet he never expected to do that.
  • Also about the Coyotes since I'm obsessed with this story, the NHL is running the Coyotes and have been for a while.
  • Is goaltending too easy now? If you ask emo-Manny Legace the answer is no. 
  • Chris Chelios owes some money. He just forgot to pay. Give him a break, he's old. 

Other links

I'm just gonna turn the floor over to DanGNR. It's Friday and I'm lazy. Don't judge me.

  • Rest easy Wings fans, your statue can wear a wings jersey. 
  • Someone just lost an awesome job. 
  • A dam made by boys may cause a flood. Damn.
  • Swine flu chic.




I am not prone to hyperbole, but this video will be the best thing you see all day. Huge thanks to the artist formerlly known as Tim and currently known as CrossCheckRaise.

And with that, I have completed another week as your morning link guy. It's been real and its been fun. I'll be back Monday, until then enjoy the comedy stylings of the recently graduated Poor College Student. Congrats on that, by the way. Until Monday ...