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The Hockey Prof's Assortment Of Crapola

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Hey folks.  After a two week hiatus where I attempted to find and kick the shit out of the "World's Most Interesting Man" from the Dos Equis commercials, I have returned with some random musings.

  • I've selected a name for the Backes inspired brew.  Say hello to David Backes: The Answer.  (Thanks to RFJCC and Dan "When the Heart Rules the Mind" GNR.)
  • The beer itself will be a variation on an English Brown Ale.  The winning ingredients were; Extract, Amber; Grain, Simpsons Dark Crystal; Yeast, Pacific Ale; and Hops, Hallertau Hersbrucker (German).  Thanks to everyone who voted.
  • I'll post the final recipe for the brew after I get it into the fermenter.  Although you might want to wait for the results of the first batch before you attempt to make some yourself.  This is the first beer I've ever heard of constructed using democratic principles.  It could turn out to have been a really stupid idea, like high school "Student Government."
  • The US plays the USSR...I mean the World Championship Semis today.  I'm waiting for the headline, Backes Beats Bolsheviks!
  • College students are freakishly weird sometimes.  That is a general observation and in no way Blues related, except that many of you reading this blog are college students. 
  • Here is to hoping all four series go to seven games.  Here is to also hoping, if that happens, the NHL tries to schedule games so that the Boston/Carolina games are not always on at the exact same time as the Pens/Caps.  I know this will shock the powers that be in the NHL, but some of us hockey fans we would like to see both series, even if Ovie/Crosby is the premiere matchup.  Dumb shits.
  • Try as I might, I cannot get interested in the NHL draft this year.  Have I outgrown it?  Anybody else feeling the same way?
  • I just got a memo that informs me I will have to take a 5% pay cut next year.  Sonofafuckingbitch.  It's better than being unemployed I suppose, but fuck, it ain't good.  There goes my hopes of getting this batch of rookie cards featuring Oshie and Berglund.
  • I just saw this from Jeff Gordon:

    The Blues would be silly to deal David Perron, Alex Pietrangelo or any other blue-chip youngster to bring Chris Pronger back to St. Louis. This franchise is just starting to take off – so now is not the time to switch directions.

    Now, if the Note gets the opportunity to acquire, say, 24-year-old Dion Phaneuf from the Flames for a package of young people and picks . . . well, that would be a different story. Phaneuf is coming off a poor, injury-marred season.

  • Jeff Gordon: You are dead to me.