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Friday Links

It's Friday. Awesome. Game 7? Even better.

Blues news

  • Remember those fan award? Here are the results. [Blues]
  • Are the Blues really the second (its hard to read at 1 a.m.) least viable team in the NHL? I find this hard to believe. [Canadian Press]

Hockey links

  • This is is. Last game of the season. The big one. For all the marbles. [Preview]
  • A look at the players involved in Game 7s before. [PensBurgh]
  • Cue up some Queen and David Bowie ... under pressure. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bill Guerin is awesome. [Puck Daddy]
  • It's tough for Marian Hossa, and not just because he has a girls name. [TSN]
  • Marc Crawford is the new man in Dallas. That didn't take long. [TSN]
  • The Phoenix Coyotes news of the day. [TSN]
  • Second City talks about Matt Walker. [Second City Hockey]

Other links

  • Family Guy fans will appreciate this. Really, fans of comedy will. [BlaccuWeather]
  • Wow. Wow. I think even a gay guy would call these too much. [MANties]
  • Prison has to be the worst place to have a 55-hour erection. [Asylum]
  • Once again, my inability to grow a beard is keeping me for getting with the ladies. [Batteries Feel Included]
  • This is fucking stupid. [Princess Unicorn]
  • This is for the stalkers out the there. You know who you are. (NatetheGreat. is one of them) [Virtual Globetrotting]
  • To quote the great Bart Simpson: "I was myself with a rag on a stick." Thanks NatetheGreat. [Consumerist]




Hildymac brings us a timely video. Seriously, fuck Detorit. Alternate version here.

That will do it for me. Come back this weekend. No. 51 in your program, No. 1 in your hearts, PCS will be helming the ship. Send him some stuff to gametimelinks (at) Adios.