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Wednesday Links

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Is this week over yet?

Blues news

  • Someone thinks Erik Johnson is marketable. []
  • Who will win the Jack Adams on Thursday? Hopefully our guy. I really don't care either way. [Examiner]
  • I think the entire offseason storyline for the Blues is "Team on the Rise." [The Sporting Blog]
  • Mike Danton will know in August if he is a free man. [Winnipeg Sun]

Hockey news

  • Jim Balsillie will not go away. [ESPN]
  • The Wild are going to play uptempo under new coach Todd Richard. Wait ... what? Uptempo Wild games? [ESPN]
  • Puck Daddy solves another mystery. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Cup got wet and Mario has a nice house. [Deadspin]

Other links

  • Answer Man has a new favorite shirt. He also called me a phruit. He also says read the reviews. [Amazon]
  • From Doc Whiskey: "I just cost you hours of productivity at work (I highly suggest clicking on random game and going to town)." []
  • Need help? This site is here for you. [Help]
  • Things fly into crowds. People make funny faces. Hilarity ensues. [Holy Taco]


Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the release of Ghostbusters. The movie, made more than a year before I was even born, is my all-time favorite. I can watch it endlessly and a day doesn't go by where I don't quote the movie. Anyway, here is the original trailer. Enjoy.

That's all for me. Gametimelinks (at)